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30.04.2017 12:30


Experience Fažana in a completely different way. A pleasant walk through olive groves, along dry-stone walls overlooking the Brijuni islands is food for your soul.  And surprise for your palate are our top-quality delicacies: home-made prosciutto, olive oil and delightful wine.

Do not forget the date, 30 April 2017, to sign up!

 – 12.30 – 1.30 pm     signing up at St Cosmas and Damian square, Fažana
 – 1.30 pm                bus transfer from Fažana  to Vodnjan
 -2.00 t – 6.00 pm  walking and tasting Istrian gastronomic products and experiencing the unique  combination of nature and culture of Istria
 – 6.00 pm                 after party at St Cosmas and Damian square, Fažana

Walking with pleasure starts from St Cosmas and Damian square in Fažana where we get the bus to Narodni square  in Vodnjan. After a short exercise we set off towards Stancija Buršić – kingdom of the Istrian prosciutto and the tradition of Istrian folklore. After the degustation, along the olive groves, with a break after 2 km relaxing next to Kažuns (old stone field huts) and dry-stone walls, which are architectural masterpieces of Istria, we get to OPG (family farm) Marčeta. We will taste wine, rakija( grapes brandy) and kroštule (sweet knots) there and continue to experience unique Istrian flavours. A short break in Valbandon for entertainment purposes, across fields and meadows we reach OPG (family farm) Balija, where we will try bruschette and taste some of the best olive oils in the world.
And that is not all! / The party is not over yet! On St Cosmas and Damian  square the Novi Đavoli band is waiting for you!



Participation fee

 – Online until 27 April 2017:   adults: 130 HRK
   children from 1 to 8 :   65 HRK
 – 30 April 2017:  adults: 150 HRK
   children from 1 to 8: 75 HRK

What is included?
 – Organized walk
 – Bus transfer Fažana-Vodnjan
 – Degustation of home-made prosciutto, sausages, olive oil, wine, rakija (grapes brandy), kroštule (sweet knots), bruschetta, a bottle of water and some fruit
 – Additional content: folklore,  concert of Novi Đavoli, demonstration of dry-stone- wall making, course in olive oil tasting, games: as close to ‘bulin’ as possible (boccie), ball juggling

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Organized by: Fažana Tourist Board and Town Vodnjan – Città di Dignano