Culture and traditional events


12.07.2009 20:00

Fazana’s waterfront


What were Istrian gastronomy and local cuisine like in the period called “La Belle Époque” at the beginning of the 20th century?

A visit to Fazana takes us to this “Gastronomy festival” which opens its doors and reveals the secrets of the kitchens and fireplaces of long ago.
The traditional dish maneštra (thick vegetable soup) has its place of honor here.”Maneštra festival” is a tribute to this culinary evergreen.

Different varieties can also be recognized by their appetizing smell: maneštra with chickpeas, sweet corn, classical maneštra with pasta and beans, fennel maneštra, barley maneštra, Lenten maneštra, jota… etc.

All different, yet equally delicious (especially if cooked with prosciutto bone!).
Fuži pasta, gnocchi, lasagna…

Fazana cooks will offer various pasta dishes and visitors at these festivals will be more than happy to join you at the table.

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