Paradise for cyclists and walking

Fažana is an ideal place for exploring the surroundings by bike. There are some sixty marked bike trails throughout Istria, of which about 1500 kilometers are circular trails! Fažana bike trail, which is 12 kilometers long, offers an additional experience of the wonderful coastline, while passing along sweet smelling Mediterranean vegetation with a magnificent view of the Brijuni Islands.

From Fažana we pass through campsite “Bi Village” by bike and arrive in campsite “Valbandon”. Riding through Stancija Barbo, we turn onto an unpaved road and head through the olive groves to campsite “Pineta”, return once more to the seaside and…again along the coast to Fažana. The bike trail is marked and connected with other bike trails in the southern part of Istria.



Four unforgettable kilometers in one direction – eight for a complete experience! A leisurely walk, accompanied by talk or song, perhaps a romantic occasion, while passing by the sea and pine trees…the starting point is campsite Valbandon. Then we pass through “Bi Village”, arrive in Fažana and head towards campsite “Pineta”.