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The Republic of Croatia is a member of the eurozone since January 1, 2023, which means that the euro (€) is the new official currency and legal tender in Croatia (instead of kunas (HRK).
The euro is the common currency of the European Union and one of the main symbols of European integration. With the introduction of the euro, Croatia became the 20th member state of the euro area.
Fixed conversion rate: 1 € = 7.53450 Croatian kuna (HRK)
In line with a consistent record of exchange-rate stability, the kuna will be exchanged at a conversion rate of 1 euro for 7.53450 Croatian kuna.
Dual display of prices in Croatia, i.e. simultaneous labelling of prices in euros and kunas, is mandatory until 31 December 2023.
»» Euro coins and notes:

Exchange of former national currency
If you are our regular guests and you still have kuna/HRK with you – don’t worry: you can exchange banknotes and coins for euros free of charge throughout 2023, with the use of a fixed rate conversion rate: €1 = HRK 7.53450:

  • at bank branches
  • Fina offices
  • all post offices in Croatia/Hrvatska pošta: (in English)

The number of HRK/kuna banknotes and coins that can be exchanged free of charge is limited to a maximum of 100 banknotes and 100 coins. More than 100 kuna banknotes and 100 kuna coins can be exchanged in one transaction, but with a possible fee.

From January 1, 2024, the Hrvatska Narodna Banka – Croatian National Bank (HNB) will exchange kuna banknotes without a time limit, and kuna coins until 31 December 2025.
»» More about the currency (banknotes, coins and replacement of cash)
Croatian National Bank: (in English)


Post office “HP- Hrvatska pošta”
43.Istarske divizije 14
52212 Fažana
tel: +385 (0)52 520 906


PBZ bank – Titova riva 3, Fažana
PBZ bank – Titova riva 10, Fažana
Zaba – Zagrebačka banka d.d. – Hotel Fažana, Ulica boraca 2, Fažana
Raiffeisen bank – Hotel Fažana, Ulica boraca 2, Fažana
Erste & Steiermarkische bank – Hotel Fažana, Ulica boraca 2, Fažana
HPB bank – Brionska 8, Fažana
HPB bank – Viktora cara Emina 6, Fažana
HPB bank – Parking Vodnjanska North, Fažana
HPB bank – Mala vala 35, Valbandon
HPB bank – Parking Valbandon beach, Fažana
OTP bank – 43. istarske divizije 15, Fažana
Euronet ATM – Žrtava fašizma 8, Fažana
Euronet ATM – Trg stare škole, Fažana
Euronet ATM – Plodine, Fažana
24/7 ATM – 43. istarske divizije 1, Fažana


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