Gastro tastes, aromas and colors

The magnificent taste of prosciutto
Istrian prosciutto is highly regarded worldwide because of its top quality, it is the ultimate delight for the palate and
it deserves this royal status thanks to its taste, aroma, color…

Olive oil – liquid gold
The tradition of olive growing reaches back into ancient times when the Romans recognized Istria as the ideal fertile land for cultivating the most prized Mediterranean elixir. Today, according to world standards, Istrian olive oils are among the best in the world and you can sample them if you set off along the Olive oil route.

Istrian Malvasia is the most widespread grape variety in the area of Fažana. It is an old autochthonous variety that grows throughout Istria, so today is the synonym of wine production of both Fažana and Istria. Other Istrian types of wine that you simply must taste are Teran, Muscatand Chardonnay.

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