Cultural and natural heritage

With a view of Brijuni, hinterland covered with Mediterranean vegetation, sandbank reaching into the sea, Fažana invites you to discover her cultural heritage, and enjoy in the wonderful tastes of nature’s bounty.
History and culture of Fažana and Valbandon speak about ancient Mediterranean connections, exchange of experience and trade. From an important economic center of Roman civilization, Venetian medieval rural and urban center (a time when Fažana got its representative profane structures, but also reconstructed and expanded the greater part of sacral structures), the beginnings of tourism in the Austro-Hungarian times up to 2001, when by the decision of the Croatian Parliament Fažana became an independent unity of local self-government.
A visit to nearby Valbandon with its small harbor, a walk “over the bridge”, reveals a true oasis by the sea, a unique seaside setting far from the swarming crowds. It seems as though everything here is created for walking and relaxing.
So, do not hesitate – experience the breathtaking sunset at the breakwater, give in to the melody of the piano and violin in the olive groves by the church of St. Eliseus, meet our dear seasonal guests – the little egret, and grey heron…

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