Walking is one of the best ways to experience a destination, the highlights of the city center, landscapes, and extraordinary sunsets. Pause the everyday life for an instant, and take in all the awe inspiring moments.

Explore Fažana and Valbandon on foot
If you take the footpath from Fazana along the road to Pula, you can make the first stop in Valbandon on the pedestrian bridge, where you will enjoy a small green oasis of peace, and meet some of our special inhabitants – white and grey heron, wild ducks. The place is at the junction of freshwater source and sea, one of the selected special locations of the Path of Good Vibrations. Continue to explore Valbandon and you will discover the replicas of Roman mosaics that have adorned the luxurious late antique village villa. A leisured stroll along the sea, in the shadow of pine wood, with a view of the Brijuni islands, you will return to Fažana, and in the very heart of the old town discover the parish church of St. Cosmas and Damian, which was built on the lowest altitude in Istria – only one metre. A special place in the tradition of Fažana belongs to pilchards. Many recipes of our restaurants and taverns on the Pilchard path are dedicated to this fish, but also a distinctive outdoor gallery: The Pilchard Park. In the continuation of Fažana’s waterfront towards Pineta you will walk on the promenade dedicated to the most famous Istrian composer: Antonio Smareglia with special custom made benches, where you can, just like the famous maestro, rest while enjoying the sound of the sea and the sunset. If you walk along the breakwater, you will reach the red lantern which overlooks the old town and acts as the most photogenic spot of Fažana.
If you want to experience the calm, then set out to the Church of St. Eliseus. With a pleasant stroll through the olive groves, you can reach the family farm Buršić in Vodnjan and refresh yourself with homemade Istrian prosciutto, to the olive groves of the Balija family in Fažana for a tasting of superior olive oil or in Valbandon at the cellar owned by  family Marčeta for a glass of good wine – it all depends which path you choose.

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