Art along the road

This sculptor’s promenade “Pilchard park”  has been thematically organized by evoking the silvery blue fish pilchard. Its first works of art made by Fažana artists were put up in 2006 – 2008.

The suggestive sculptural forms, characterized by a variety of expression and use of diverse materials were created by: Roberta Weissman Nagy, Marino Belas, Lena Geršić, Igor Grgurević, Silvo Šarić, Korana Lukić Šuran and Solidea Guerra.
The sculptures are dedicated to the “little provider, modest nurturer” as the art historian Gorka Ostojić Cvajner wrote and the “well conceived project links up to the original, rightful, close to historical grounds, masterfully and modernly turned towards our time”.

ROBERTA WEISSMAN NAGY Laštra stone, 230 x 230 x 40cm

MARINO BELAS Frega stone, 220 x 60 x 25cm

LENA GERŠIĆ Ardor stone, 100 x 100 x 150cm

IGOR GRGUREVIĆ Šušana stone,stainless steel 220 x 60 x 25cm

SILVIO ŠARIĆ Sea of pilchard, speicmen 0607 stone, aluminium, 70 x 140 x 400cm

KORANA LUKIĆ ŠURAN Bench of the fishermen stone,acrylic glass 270 x 60 x 180cm

SOLIDEA GUERRA Buriole fountain stone,stainless steel 420 x 163 x 350 x 172cm

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