Castle on a cliff, Dance of death, Trail of the Glagolitics – Green Istria, traditional food in agroturism

Pazin, Beram, Roč – Hum

The administrative center of Istria County is Pazin, town above the abyss of the Pazinčica River, situated in the very heart of Istria. The cliff rises 130 meters above the abyss called “Pazin’s Pit” in which the river water descends into subterranean passages. High up on the cliff is the Castle of Pazin, the best-preserved castle of this kind in Istria. The Castle and Abyss are said to have inspired the famous writer Jules Verne – “father of science fiction” who set part of his novel “Mathias Sandorf” here, following the destinies of two conspirators, who were imprisoned in the Castle but managed to escape down the cliff and into Pazin’s Pit…
Pazin is an ideal starting point for a number of interesting routes. The most interesting sight when visiting Beram is the small church of Our Lady on Škriljinah with the most famous frescoes in Croatia, a work by Vincent of Kastav from the end of the 15th century. The famous scene presenting the “Dance of Death” definitely stands out among other such scenes in the world by its suggestiveness and message.
Along the winding trail from Roč to Hum are a number of stone monuments known as the Trail of the Glagolitics. The Glagolitic script is an old Slavic script with characteristically shaped signs, a cultural monument of the highest rank. After the turnoff at this road we arrive in the village Kotle, to discover the remains of old mills on the Mirna River and one-time farmhouses.
Throughout central Istria there are many typical Istrian inns, restaurants and taverns included in the agritourism project, wine trails and places where you can learn about the customs and traditions of county life. Along these “continental itineraries” you can sense hospitality everywhere: with frescoes, Glagolitic graffiti, vernacular architecture and the unforgettable Istrian specialties and typical taverns.
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