Pets are welcome in Croatia! If you wish to bring your four-legged friend with you to Croatia.the only requirement is that they pass a straightforward examination before entering the country. The examination will check that your pet has a microchip, that they have the rabies vaccine, and that they have a pet passport or a certificate issued by a veterinary surgeon. When bringing your pet into the Republic of Croatia, it is your responsibility to meet all of the conditions necessary for its import. Please check that your pet has been vaccinated and that these vaccinations have not expired, whether an antibody titer test has been performed and whether your pet has a valid passport or veterinary certificate. If your pet does not meet these criteria, then your entry into the Republic of Croatia may be denied and your pet returned to the country of origin or quarantined at a permitted border crossing. The owner will bear all costs arising from the implementation of these measures.

In line with the regulations on veterinary conditions for the non-commercial transport of pets, the following species are considered as pets: dogs, cats, ferrets (mustela putorius) from the marten family (mustelidae), invertebrates (except for bees and crayfish), ornamental tropical fish, amphibians, reptiles, all bird species (excluding poultry), rodents and rabbits.

EU regulations for travelling with pets and other animals within EU

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