Aquarium Pula

The aquarium itself is settled in an old fort which was built in 1886, Fort Verudela, as part of the once mighty Austro – Hungarian defense complex ‘Fortress Pula’, where the centennial military history of Pula is combined in a unique way with the richness of the Adriatic. Fort Verudela, named after the peninsula where it was built (3 km from the center of Pula), has been in a process of conversion into an aquarium since 2002 and is now home to some 200 animal species. Sharks, jellyfish and seahorses are the most sought after inhabitants, with the Marine turtle rescue center.

Aquarium Pula, Verudela bb
HR-52100 Pula-Pola
T: +385 (0)52 381 402
M: +385 (0)91 1381 405

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