Kingdom of Feštini Cave

In the very heart of Istria, near the village Feštini, close to Žminj, the cave Kingdom of Feštini surely stands out by its natural beauties. Upon entering the cave, first you hear the harmonious sound of drops that from times immemorial have been creating magnificent underground jewellery reflected in the reservoir lakes below.
To make it accessible to visitors there are safe paths in the interior of the cave, about 100 metres long. The cave abounds in wonderful dripstone forms, among which it is easy to recognize ‘the magician’s hat’, ‘Tower of Babylon’ and huge ‘bat wings’ strangely covered with grapevine that gets its water from the bottom of the cave.
By visiting this ‘kingdom’ apart from the beauty that lies hidden below, you can also enjoy the idyllic scenery together with facilities such as children’s park, mini farm and bar.

Opening hours:
IV, V, X: Saturday, Sunday, holidays 10:00 – 18:00
VI – IX: 10:00 – 18:00
All other months visits only after previous notification

Feštini 15, HR-52341 Žminj
M: +385 (0)91 5616327

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