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18th School of salting pilchard

29.04.2023 18:00

18:00 School of salting pilchard, Fažana’s waterfront

Competition in salting pilchard, tasting and buying salted and marinated pilchard as well as pilchard dishes, lecture on the traditional way of preserving, processing and preparing pilchard.

Fažana Fishing academy “Pilchard” opens up its doors to land and sea! A specially interesting activity is its “School of salting pilchard”. It is a chance to try your hand at this old skill of the sea, cellar and kitchen, stand by the competitors who in marked tin containers arrange salted pilchard, using their knowledge handed down from generation to generation… Children, locals, visitors, beginners and experts: they will all learn or say something about the needed amount of fish, salt, oil, spices… And after three months the tin containers will be opened and the best salted pilchard will be announced. A special occasion for tasting and a chance to talk about the choice of perfect wine for such festive occasions. In any case, the fish must be salted properly! And to know that, school is needed.


  • GASTRO WORKSHOPS- filleting fish
  • LITTLE FISHY PILCHARD – creative workshop for children
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