Fazana Fishing academy “Pilchard” opens up its doors to land and sea! A specially interesting activity is its “School of salting pilchard”. It is a chance to try your hand at this old skill of the sea, cellar and kitchen, stand by the competitors who in marked tin containers arrange salted pilchard, using their knowledge handed down from generation to generation… Children, locals, visitors, beginners and experts: they will all learn or say something about the needed amount of fish, salt, oil, spices…And after three months the tin containers will be opened and the best salted pilchard will be announced. A special occasion for tasting and a chance to talk about the choice of perfect wine for such festive occasions. In any case, the fish must be salted properly! And to know that, school is needed.


The symbol of Fazana, pilchard… offers a chance for new encounters at the waterfront, in the small squares, restaurants, taverns. In addition to pilchard there are other fish that will enrich the seafood offer on the table, through tradition and new recipes for preparing a variety of dishes. A special attraction are culinary programs of preparing pilchard in 100 different ways based on imaginativeness and skill, that transform simplicity into sumptuous dishes. Tasting fish in Fazana is the perfect opportunity for new encounters and ideas. It is also an occasion to display the newly created sculpture in “Pilchard park”.


Pilchard, small oily fish, the symbol of Fažana fisherman’s festivals, extends its invitation the largest festival: Pilchard festival! It is the liveliest happening in Fažana when the entire world of fishing, entertainment and leisure unfolds in a variety of events. This is one of our oldest fisherman’s festivals, when the flag of the fisherman’s fraternity “St. Andrew”, patron saint of fishermen, proudly flutters. Many competitions are organized, such as the contest in carrying fish crates, rowing, tug of war… The appetizing smell of pilchard covers the waves and calm sea, while the waterfront and other places in town become venues of sports, cultural and entertainment events. The local restaurants display their gastronomic skill and rich offer, bringing joy to both townspeople and visitors and once again presenting Fažana as a top-quality host.


The sea is the school of life. Storms and tempests, open seas and sheltered coves… are all reflected in the faces of fishermen, while their hands weave nets out of old and new knowledge. At this fisherman’s festival these men of the sea present their traditional skills in various ways. Fishermen display different examples of marine life and needed equipment. They explain to visitors how to catch certain fish, how fishing equipment is handled and used. “The fisherman weaves his net…” as the old song goes; this is a chance to see how it is done, how fishing needles are wound and find out many other things. So, everyone becomes a fisherman: children, tourists, chance travelers and visitors. On the waves of fisherman’s knowledge and kindness, Fazana resembles a huge boat … But, there are smaller ones as well: the characteristic batana, the flat bottomed and square sterned fishing boat is the main protagonist of the exciting competition called “Batana Cup”. We will also remember May and the “School of salting pilchard” since this is the perfect moment to open the tin containers and proclaim the best pilchard salted “long ago”…


The batane and sea will be transformed in a unique gallery of mobile art installations accompanied by a cocktail party, cocktail show, program for children, light show and the sounds of pop, rock, blues, evergreen and country music.

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