Magic of a small fishing town

Famed for its crystal-clear sea the Fažana Channel connects Fažana and Brijuni. Here on the terra firma the fishing tradition was mentioned as early as the Middle Ages and has remained a well-known theme up to the present day. Fishing boats, dinghies and batane rocking gently along the two wharfs in Fažana; boats leaving port in the evening with their fishing lights and the morning activities at the waterfront. Fishing is part of the family bond: even today you can see the diligent women from Fažana as they clean and mend fishing nets after the fishermen return from sea. Pilchard, anchovy, mackerel… This is the most frequently caught fish in Fažana’s fishing nets!
Pilchard is included in nearly every catering offer of Fažana and Valbandon.
Both with its heart and offer, the tradition of this fishing-tourist town is turned towards the sea, calling out to skilled local fishermen, children and their parents, tourists and modern Argonauts. It is an invitation to the authentic atmosphere and tales of old fishermen on the luck and skillfulness, on shallows and positions, mercy of wind and waves, through stories echoing the words of our ancestors and challenges of modern times.

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