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A day in Fažana? Where do we start?! There are probably a million and one ways to fill your holiday with incredible things to do. No matter what you decide to get up to when you visit Fažana, you’ll make memories. Here are just some of the exciting things you can do here, but the adventure doesn’t stop there!

  1. Explore the old town

The day in Fažana starts at the waterfront, with a cup of coffee, and a view of the sea, energizing you for a day of wandering the colourful and cobbled streets of Fažana. With each step you take, this nest of stone set on the shore, tells the story of its thousand-year-old heritage: in Roman times Fažana was famous for its amphorae production, in the Middle-ages Fažana got its representative profane structures, as well as religious ones, which stand to this day. During the late 19th and early 20th century Fažana flourished as a popular tourist destination thanks to the Marinkovich family. Present-day Fažana is vibrant as ever, nurturing her seafaring and fishing tradition, and even capturing the heart of Pier Paolo Pasolini as “a charming little town”.

Did you know that La rondinella was the shortest and narrowest street in Fažana named after the swallow (Italian: la rondinella), because according to the stories of old towns people it was so narrow that only swallows could fly through it or that the church of SS. Cosmas and Damian stands at the lowest height above sea level in Istria: only one meter above sea level. Discover more about Fažana’s heritage here.

  1. Sail on an adventure

Veliki Brijun,  Mali Brijun, Sv. Marko, Gaz, Obljak, Galija, Gruj, Vanga, Madona, Vrsar, Sv. Jerolim, Supin, Supinić and Kozada together form one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean. You can experience their beauty along with the murmur of waves on a boat tour from Fažana. The tour of the islands is offered by boatmen at Fažana’s pier.

Interested in sightseeing VelikiBrijun, click here.

  1. Take part in an event

Fažana’s events celebrate our heritage and culture, gastronomy, and way of life. From musical, traditional to sporting events, there’s fun for everyone. To truly experience the life of a local, take part in the Small fishing academy “Pilchard” every Wednesday during summer at Fažana’s waterfront. We invite you to sign up for courses, learn old fishing skills such as threading a netting needle, how to make sailor’s knots, weaving and repairing a fishing net, and, under the guidance of our seasoned fishermen, become a fisherman yourself.

Check out all of our events.

  1. Chase a sunset

From delicate pink and purple hues to vibrant oranges and dramatic reds, no sunset in Fažana is ever the same. Anywhere from the waterfront is a good place to enjoy a sunset, but by far our favourite place is the breakwater.

  1. Get adventures

From water sports, walking to cycling, the possibilities for getting active are endless!

For all those seeking fun and adventure, and looking for an adrenaline experience, there are plenty of activities for all ages to fill your holiday time.

Whether you decide to experience Fažana, and Valbandon by bicycle or on foot, you cannot go wrong. The 301 Vasianum and 302 St. Eliseus bike trails take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and offer a different view of Fažana and its surroundings. Or choose an e-bike and let it do all the work for you.

More interested in walking? Than our beautiful seaside promenade where you can breathe in the refreshing salty air is the right choice. And for those seeking some adrenaline rush there’s jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, SUP, diving, and aqua parks. All you want is a laid back day at the beach? Any one of the 7 beaches in Fažana and Valbandon are a great choice for those seeking some sun&sea fun.

  1. Eat, eat and eat some more

Fažana is known for preparing pilchard in a 100 different ways: salted, marinated, breaded, fried, grilled… and every restaurant has its own signature way of preparing it.

Lest we forget, no typical Istrian meal is complete without the most characteristic wines – Malvasia and Teran – and olive oil. What else would we like to bring to the table? How about fish stew brodetto with different kinds of seafood, homemade maneštre, pljukanci, fuži, or gnocchi (Istrian pasta) in a sauce locally known as šugo, boneless pork loin (ombolo), sausages, meat prepared under the baking lid, and the traditional sweet dishes fritule, kroštule, and cukerančići. Truly an explosion of aromas and flavours.

Want to buy some of the local products? Visit the Handmade Fair every Wednesday at the waterfront from June 15th until September 15th.

  1. Take in the views

Be it the Path of good Vibrations, Senatus populousque Fasanensis,  Antonio Smareglia Promenade or the Pilchard park , you’ll uncover centuries of history, appreciate breath-taking views, walk in the shadows of pine trees, and olive groves and amidst precious natural environments forget about the stressful everyday life. These special areas represent Fažana’s rich cultural and natural heritage, and allow you to appreciate it in a modern way.

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